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Chilly Paneer Recipe| How to make chilly paneer Paneer Recipe| How to make chilly paneer

Chilly Paneer Recipe| How to make chilly paneer  Paneer Recipe| How to make chilly paneer
Published 1 year ago

Hello Homekooc family. Today we are going to be making chilli paneer

The steps are as follows - 

  • Here we go 1 kg of paneer with save cut into cubes

The ingredients are measured in accordance with the 1 kg of paneer.

  • 4 TBS cornflour

  • 2 a and half tbsp plain flour, some salt and half tsp.

  • Half a teaspoon Kashmiri red chilli powder.

  • Mix well to coat the paneer, 

  • Neatly will add oil to a pan and fry these once it has been fried. Take it out and keep them aside and make the sauce.

So adding oil to the pan also adds a bit of water and some of its own moisture has come out so that the powder sticks to the paneer.

  • Put the paneer in one by one, so they don't stick together, don't overcrowd the pan.

Let it cook for around 2-3 mins as I want it to be golden brown and needs another 2-3 mins.

It has been around 6-7 mins and has a nice colour now, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside

Neatly we will take it out on a plate and there is no need to drain the oil. The first batch has been done now we will make the sauce add some oil, 1 tbsp chopped garlic and sauté for 30-40 seconds. 

1 tsp cumin is optional, green chillies will now be added the heat should be low - medium. 

Can add any chilli sauce, 5-6 tbsp ketchup, add the Kashmiri mirchi, adjust the salt and pepper to your liking. 

Note that the soy sauce also contains salt it needs to cook for about 3-4 mins when the oil comes to the surface.

Now add soy sauce and white vinegar. Also, add honey to get rid of the bitterness, stir it well.

Follow this step by step so that all the flavours come out. 

As the sauce has been cooking for about 5-6 mins so now add some ginger about 1 tbsp. 

As well as half a lemon, mix well.

Should tell you that the ginger was added initially because otherwise it becomes really bitter.

So now increase the heat, now the cornflour that remained, made a slurry as the texture is creamy and will make our sauce creamy.

Stir well!


The texture is great now. I will add the peppers and onions and mix well. 

The onion layers have been separated and cut into cubes, spring onion is added  and now mixed well. 

Just mix and keep on the heat for 1 minute. The paneer is perfect and just how we wanted it.

Now I'm going to add the paneer, mix well into the sauce.

Neatly would dish it out and show you, so the chilli paneer is ready!

It's an Indo-Chinese dish, so the sesame seeds are optional. It's so easy, you must try it. 

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