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Authentic Pakistani Food - Best 29 Authentic Pakistani Food Available in London

Authentic Pakistani Food - Best 29 Authentic Pakistani Food Available in London
Published 3 months ago

The country of Pakistan was formed when the partition of India happened in 1947. Many citizens settled in their new country, and several thousand wanted to explore the world. Some of them wanted to call the United Kingdom their home. 


The 1960s and the 70s saw a significant influx of Pakistani citizens who came down as students and then later settled down here. By doing that, they have brought their popular culture, delicious food, and fashion & music into the UK. 


London notably consists of a major population from Pakistan. Many of them can be found settled in East London and other parts of the capital. Don’t be surprised to find several million Pakistanis around in the UK. 

Pakistani food in London


There are several restaurants from where you can get authentic Pakistani food. Moreover, you can find several food stalls, markets, and home-based businesses offering Pakistani food. Besides, homecooked food is also gaining momentum quickly. 


You can find several home-based businesses that provide home-cooked food Pakistani food. In this post, we will briefly discuss about some of the top authentic Pakistani food that is available in London. 


They are available through home-cooked businesses. 

Authentic Pakistani food


Pakistani food is known for its heat and spice, and there is a fantastic variety of flavors blended with delicious aromas. You can bet that authentic Pakistani food provides you with a pleasant dining experience like no other. 


The Pakistani cuisine is exceptionally diverse and fragrant. It is more of an infusion of all cuisines found in Asia. There is a combination from the Persian period, the Mughal empire, and the Aryans too. 


You can find a lot of meat in their food, sweets, spices, and some vibrant flavors. The naans, lassis, and curries seem to have their own story. You can find a whole array of food items and dishes that will make you fall in love with Pakistani food. 


Yes, the chances of encountering some dishes or flavors from India and Sri Lanka are always there. After all, Pakistan is part of the subcontinent, and you are bound to get a hint of some of the other elements that form a special bond between different regions with Pakistani items. 


1)      Lassi (Yogurt Cream and Water)


We begin with some cold lassi. Lassi is a combination of yogurt cream that is mixed with little water. The drink originated in Punjab and came with a blend of flavors from Pakistan. It is thick in nature, and some sugar is also added along with it. 


You can have the lassi after your food. Moreover, it is a popular drink during the summer season in Asia. You can also mix some mangoes, berries, and ice into it. Farmers in Punjab often consume the drink that uses curd, sugar, and milk. 


2)      Doodh Chai (Milk Tea)


Doodh chai or patti is a popular drink in Pakistan. Most Asian countries start their day with a cup of tea or coffee, depending on your taste and preference. It is common to see both tea and coffee prepared in most Pakistani homes. 


You can find a barrage of tea sellers throughout the country, and they can be found in almost every corner of the country. In London, Pakistanis like to start their day with tea or coffee, and tea is prepared from tea leaves, milk, cardamom, and some sugar. 


3)      Gol Gappay (Pani Puri)


Another prevalent dish in Asia, especially in Pakistan, is Gol Gappay. It is also known as Pani Puri. They are crisps that are deep-fried and filled with some stuffing. But the hit comes from the spiced water. 


The water is usually made from tamarind sauce, salt, pepper, and some mint. You can then dip it inside the water and then have the pani puri. The crisps are prepared such that they can be broken easily, and the stuffing is filled instantly. 


The stuffing is usually some mashed potatoes along with peas. You can dip it inside the water and then relish it. This is an evening snack that can be consumed with immense happiness. Besides, it is served during weddings and festivals as well. 


4)      Pakora (Fritters)


Pakora is also known as fritters. They are deep-fried crisps that are prepared from some potatoes, vegetables, and chickpea flour. Pakoras can be had anytime during the day, and you can have them for lunch or dinner as well.


However, they are commonly had during teatime. When the weather is pleasant, and it is raining outside, then nothing beats a hot cup of tea with some fritters to go down with. You can find several kinds of fritters; they can be prepared from potatoes, spinach, and even other vegetables. 


5)      Samosa Chaat 


Samosas are one of the most delicious and sought-after food items in Pakistan, and it is no surprise that many Pakistan homes in the UK love to consume samosas. A samosa is a triangle-shaped pastry that is stuffed with potatoes, peas, and even meat. 


You can fill the samosa depending on your mood and preference. Besides, the samosa chaat is a combination of some sauces that make it filled with aroma, and it is pretty filling too. The samosa is crushed by hand and then served on a plate with a curry consisting of chickpeas and some sauce. 


You can also have a samosa, just like with some tomato sauce. It is a popular food item in Pakistan, and most homes prepare it almost every week. You can find authentic Pakistani food sold at stalls throughout London. 


6)      Bun Kebab


The bun kebab is a famous food item among youngsters, and you can find teenage Pakistanis being a major fan of the kebab. This is a form of a Pakistani burger, and it originates from Pakistan’s second-largest city, Karachi.


The kebab is placed inside a bun and then fried using some oil or ghee on a pan. The buns are then filled with some meat kebab of your choice, and you can also add some sauce, onions, and tomatoes in there. 


Some people prefer having it with mint chutney, and you can also have an omelet in it. When you want to know and learn more about authentic Pakistani food, then the bun kebab is a must-try for all. 


7)      Qeemay Wala Naan (meat on flatbread)


The Qeemay wala naan is a form of flatbread that has minced meat placed on it. Then it is baked in an over. The dish originates from Sindh and Punjab, and you can find many Pakistani homes preparing this dish with the grandmothers calling the shots. 


The dough is soft and prepared from flour, sugar, and some salt. You can then find some onions, spices, and chilies placed in it. The tandoor is a top-rated open oven that can be found in some homes in the UK.


Moreover, there is a wide range of naans that can be found in Pakistan. Some of them include aloo wala naan, keema wala naan, vegetable naan, Afghani naan, sausage naan, cheese naan, chicken naan, and others. 


As you can see, the naan forms a very traditional part of Pakistani food. You can find it sold in almost any restaurant or hotel in London. Besides, you can have it as an evening snack or even for lunch & dinner. 


8)      Paratha (baked flatbread)


The paratha is a baked flatbread that is prepared with the help of some ghee and flour. You can then bake it using an oven or fry it in a pan. The dish is similar to that of naan but is slightly fried in ghee or oil on a pan. 


It is smaller than the naan and comes golden brown in color. The dish originates from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. You can have a paratha with anything you want to, and you can spread some jam or butter inside it and then roll it. 


You can also have it for breakfast, lunch & even dinner. You can find the paratha in almost every Pakistani home in London. They like to consume it because it is healthy and filling. Besides, it provides you with a wide range of food combinations. 


Both kids and adults love to have the paratha for their meals. You can have it with curries, yogurt, tahini, and so on. They are sold in most restaurants and dhaba across the country at roadside eateries.


9)       Chicken Karahi


Now we will come to some of the main dishes that are prepared or sold in Pakistan. These dishes can be had with rice, paratha, biryani, and so on. The chicken karahi is one among them. Yes, it is made from chicken, spices, ginger, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and chili. 


The term karahi is the cooking pot from which the dish is prepared from. You will need a paste from ginger and tomato, then use some masala curry, and you can also add some tomato & ginger paste to it along with yogurt.


It has to mix with the chicken. The chicken can be cut into the size that you prefer to have. Likewise, the curry can contain as much water as you want, and you can also make it somewhat semi-gravy if you want. 


Like we said, it can be had with anything you want, and you can also use some bread and relish it. The dish originates from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the food item has evolved with time and comes with some variations. 


It is a popular dish that can be found or is relished in most Pakistani homes across the United Kingdom, especially in London. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you might want to order it today and find out why they are making such a hue & cry about it. 


10)  Mutton Karahi (meat karahi)


It goes without saying that meat is a must-have element in most of the food items in Pakistan. A wide range of dishes is produced from meat or mutton, and in fact, meat is more popular than chicken and other meat products. 


The dish is quite similar to the chicken karahi that we just read above. It is produced with a blend of meat, chilies, ginger, tomatoes, and garlic. The meat can be cut and sized as you want, and usually, the pieces are medium to small. 


They do not come primarily as in you can find in most biryani preparations. You can make use of the cooking pot, and then it is cooked until it becomes a thick gravy. The dish is prepared when the mutton becomes tender and juicy. 


It is simple and mouthwatering food preparation. The dish can be had with rice, roti, and naan. The dish is relished by Pakistanis all over the world, especially in London. If you are a meat-lover, you must have this at least once because you never know what you are missing. 


11)  Lahori Paaye (goat feet)


As we said, meat forms a staple part of the Pakistani diet. You cannot find a Pakistani home without consuming meat, and they have it almost every day in some form or the other. You can find goat meat in curries, deep-fry, and in the form of paaye. 


The goat feet are used in preparing a form of a stew or soup kind of food dish. This food item has been around for many centuries, and it was popular among the people residing in the mountains because of its simple preparation and nutritious capability. 


It is mainly consumed by the people from Lahore, one of Pakistan's most popular cities. The head of the goat can also be used in preparing the food dish. The meat is fried in some oil, and then some ginger, garlic, and onions are added. 


You can also add some chilies, spices, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. The food item is rich and comes with flavor. It is widespread and now found in several countries. You do not have to reside in Lahore to taste this fantastic food preparation. 


You can try this authentic Pakistani food if you are residing in London with the help of a home-cooked food business or from a cloud kitchen. 



12)  Mutton Nihari (Meat Stew)


The mutton nihari is one of the most popular dishes among non-vegetarians. It is a flavored, delicious, and gentle meat preparation that no one says no to. At times, even chicken is also used when there is no meat available. 


The dish was popularly consumed during the Mughal dynasty. They had it in the morning or during the evening to break the fast during the fasting season. It is a thick food preparation that comes infused with nutrition and health. 


It is pretty filling too. The dish is prepared using spices like masala, cardamon, garlic, and ginger paste. You can also add some cloves and other spices depending on the intensity of the dish you want to prepare. 


You can find that the dish is prepared using large cooking pots and is cooked gently for a few hours. The dish is consumed for lunch and dinner, and in some Pakistani homes, they have it for breakfast as well. 


You can have it with naan, roti, and even rice. The final food dish is garnished with some mint and chili.


13)  Kata Kat (offal dish)


The Kata Kat has its origin in Karachi. It is a dish that is prepared using the different parts of a goat, and it is prepared on a large flat pan. When you cook it, you can find different kinds of sizzling sounds from it. 


The different parts of the animal could include the brain, kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs. They are mixed with different herbs and spices. You can also have ginger, coriander, masala, tomatoes, mint, and onions.


It is a Mughal dish that was prepared many centuries in Pakistan. The dish provides you with immense history about the country. It is not surprising that most Pakistanis would have consumed the dish at least once in their lifetime. 


14)  Halwa Poori & Channa (poori, chickpeas, and pudding)


If you visit any Pakistani home on a Sunday, you will be most likely treated to the halwa poori & channa. You get the taste of the pudding or the halwa with poori. The poori is a soft, properly fried dough in a round shape. 


Then there is the channa curry. It is usually a mild curry that can come with mild to intense heat, depending on the taste and preference. You can find the dish prepared in almost most restaurants in Pakistan and in London too. 

The 3-in-1 dish provides you with the right combination of heat, fried dish, and sweetness. Typically, the delicious meal ends with a glass of lassi, and this Pakistani food fits for all kinds of occasions.


15)  Peshawari Chapli Kebab (Peshawari kebab)


One more popular kebab in Pakistan is the Peshawari chapli kebab. As you might know, the Pathans, as they are called as are masters in preparing meat and kebabs. You can find the streets of Peshawar filled with meat and meat products. 


The dish is prepared from beef and meat. The reason for it being called as chapli kebab is it is flat. The meat is minced and then placed in a large container. Then spices like chili, mint, coriander, and others are added to it. 


It is then mixed together. Then along, the kebab rod is taken, flattened, and placed on it. Then the rods are placed on a tandoor or grill for cooking. It usually takes around 20-30 minutes. It is served with yogurt, naan, and some salad. 

History of Biryani – Authentic Pakistani food


There is nothing more authentic than biryani. When you want to taste or get a glimpse of the food habits in Pakistan or any Persian country, you got to have their biryanis. 


The biryani in Pakistan is aromatic and intense, and it comes with immense flavors because of the spices that are added to it. This is Pakistan’s contribution to the world, and you can find biryani preparation in almost every Pakistani’s home in London or anywhere in the world. 


What is biryani? It is a form of a rice preparation that is cooked with basmati rice. Basmati rice is a rich form of rice, and it is known for its length and elegant appearance. Usually, this kind of rice is consumed by royal families throughout the world. 


Luckily, today, everybody can prepare or have this kind of food preparation in their home. The biryani is rice cooked with spices and meat, chicken, and vegetables, and there are different variations of the biryani. 


Biryani is derived from the Persian word “Brian.” It means you need to fry it before you begin cooking. The dish is prepared by frying the rice, placing the meat inside, and then cooking it slowly.  


While the origination is from the Mughal period, some also say that it came from Persia. It was provided to soldiers to ensure that they were healthy. Besides, you always have the Arabs who specialize in preparing some of the tastiest biryani.


16)  Sindhi Biryani


The Sindhi biryani is the most popular food dish that is prepared in Pakistan. The food dish is prepared mainly across the Sindy region in Pakistan. You would be surprised to know that many Pakistani homes prepare the biryani or consume it often.


It is prepared using basmati rice, yogurt, onions, meat, yogurt, and tomato. You can also find the usage of mint and coriander leaves. It is then garnished with chilis, dried plums, and an assortment of spices.


Little yellow coloring is also used on the biryani to give it some flavor and aroma. Why not give it a try today and see for yourself?


17)  Hyderabadi Biryani


Another popular Pakistani biryani that has some Indian influence in it is the Hyderabadi biryani. It is similar to the Iran style of biryani at least in taste. The texture of this biryani is delightful and hence it is popular among most Pakistanis.


According to history, the biryani was prepared during the period of Aurangzeb, who was a popular Mughal Emperor. It is prepared using two methods. The first being having the meat marinated overnight and then cooked the next day in rice.


You can also cook it by cooking the rice and then adding the meat in a layer format. In the sense, you have some cooked rice, and then some cooked meat. Two to three layers are formed like this.


Besides, it is prepared by cooking in a pot that is sealed with dough from the sides on the lid. That way the aroma does not escape outside. In the end, it is garnished with some fried onions. You can also have it with vegetables when you are not keen on having meat.


18)  Memoni Biryani


The Memoni biryani is similar to the Sindhi biryani. That is because the cooking method is almost the same as you would find in the Sindhi biryani. There is a small difference between the two kinds of biryani.


The biryani is prepared using meat because of the amazing flavors and aroma. Other elements used in the preparation are potatoes, friend onions, and yogurt. In the end, some dried plums and chilies are also used.


The good thing about this preparation is that it comes with no food color. That means, you are consuming nutritious food that comes flavored with exotic smell. Why not order it today from a cloud kitchen and see for yourself?

19)  Mughlai Biryani


The name itself gives you an idea from where the biryani originated from. Yes, the Mughals were fond of biryani. You would be amazed to know that the biryani comes in different variations and some changes were done now and then to bring it what it is today.


The basmati rice is first fried in ghee. The rice is then mixed with dry fruits and several spices accordingly. It gives you with a rich assortment of the dried fruits and spices that enhance the flavor of the biryani.


20)  White Biryani


We have an interesting form of biryani in the form of the white biryani. Though the biryani is white in color, you will be astounded by the taste and the aroma that the biryani provides you with.


The process of making the biryani is also quite the same as the other biryanis. You can find that the only missing element in here is the color. There is a wide range of spices and several tomatoes added in the preparation of the biryani.


21)  Karahi Biryani


As were read about the chicken and meat karahi earlier in this post, the biryani is also prepared using the same cooking pot. It is a quick recipe and many homes with working women prepare them.


A chicken or meat masala is added along with the rice. You can then add some spices to it. You can then cook it for some time. Whether you want to have chicken or meat is up to you. The dish does not take very long to prepare as it is done in 30-40 minutes.


22)  Chicken Tikka Biryani


We have the chicken tikka biryani. You might have had chicken tikka at some point of time in your life. The chicken tikka can be had just like that, used in a roll, and even eaten with rice. The biryani sees the rice cooked first and then the tikka is added to it.


The chicken tikka is prepared first. Then you can need to cook the rice using the usual spices and assortment of ingredients to it. You can also add some flavors to it when you want to enhance the aroma.


Go ahead and try it out today. You won’t regret it.


23)  Vegetable Biryani


This is for vegetarians. When you are in search of a vegetarian form of biryani, then you may be interested in this type of biryani. The preparation is the same as what is done when cooking chicken and meat.


You can consider using several vegetables and even a boiled egg when you are not keen on using meat or chicken. You can prepare the rice using layers to make it look attractive. Moreover, you can also serve it with some mint chutney.


24)  Fish Biryani


Our final biryani is the fish biryani. When you are fond of seafood and want to have it in the form of a biryani, then what are you waiting for. The preparation is just the same. However, you can use fried fish or fish cooked in an oven.


You can add the spices that you want to use in the cooked fish depending on your taste and preferences. In most Pakistani homes, you can find that some kewra is added to the rice. It immensely enhances the aroma of the biryani.


25)  Balochi Sajji (Balochi meat)


The Balochi Sajji is a popular dish that is prepared in the Balochistan region of Pakistan. It is prepared from chicken or meat. The meat is mixed with some salt and spices. The spices are generally mild because it is going to cooked on open fire.


Then the meat or chicken is cooked on open fire. The meat is provided with the flavor from the smoke from the fire. The meat has to be completely cooked and crispy. You can then add some yogurt and lemon juice to the meat and have it with rice or naan.


26)  Khaddi Kebab (Stuffed Lamb)


This is another popular kebab from the land of kebabs. This again is a preparation that is quite popular in the Balochistan region. It is prepared from lamb. A complete whole lamb is taken and then barbequed in a pit.


That is right. The pit is called as a khadda. Hot coals are filled inside the pit and then the whole lamb is cooked. You would want to know that the lamb is covered using an iron sheet. It is then covered using clay.


Then you have to place more coals on the clay. The lamb is stuffed with spices and dried fruits. Moreover, the lamb is stitched so that the flavors do not come out. As you can see, it is a tribla or rural dish that is prepared using traditional methods.


But there are some mild variations where oven and microwaves are used. Though the same flavors are not got, but the dish comes out almost exactly as you would want it to. Why not order the dish today and enjoy some stuffed meat?


27)  Sohan halwa (Sohan pudding)


Now, we come to the sweets, desserts, and puddings. Most regions in the subcontinent are known for their sweet tooth. Even Westerners have adopted to the food habits thanks to their Asian friends, especially from Pakistan.


There is no denying in the fact that Pakistanis are lovers of sweets and similar dishes. If you love to eat puddings and custards, then you would love to relish Sohan halwa. The food item is popular in the Multan region in Pakistan.


It is prepared from milk, sugar, flour, wheat, lemon, ghee, and some salt. You can find it similar to a form of buttermilk. However, it is boiled, until it thickens. Some nuts, almonds, and pistachios are mixed to it.


In some Pakistani homes saffron and cardamon is also added to it. This increases the flavor and intensity of the dish. The halwa item is then ready and prepared in the form of a nutty and flavory dish.


Perhaps, if you visit Multan, you can find the halwa sold in colorful tins and packages. They are given to visitors who throng the city. Moreover, it can be ordered through a home-cook business. 


28)  Gajar ka Halwa (carrot pudding)


The term gajar is carrot in hindi. So, it is carrot halwa. Yes, you would be surprised to know that halwa can be prepared using carrot. It is made from carrot, milk, ghee, sugar, and some dried milk.


The carrot needs to be grated and then added to some water along with loads of sugar. You can then garnish it with some nuts in the end. The dish is served during special occasions like weddings, festivals, and even on birthdays.


The dish is usually had warm and nice. But you can also have it cold if you want. Many Pakistani homes have their own version of the halwa. While some add nuts and saffron, some tend to use almonds and pistachios.


29)  Kheer (rice pudding)


Kheer is a common food dish that you can find all over the subcontinent. It comes in differential variations. It is prepared from milk, cream, and sugar. You can add your own variations using nuts, pistachios, almonds, and so on.


The dessert item is popular and served after meals. You can have it after your lunch or dinner. People from all walks of life would have had kheer at least once in their lifetime. The food dish has been around for many centuries in Pakistan.


It can also be prepared using rice as a rice pudding. You can also add some saffron and cardamon. You can find the food dish being served throughout the year. It could be a birthday, wedding anniversary, and even for the sake of eating it.


You can have the kheer hot or cold. This depends on your taste and preference.


This was it. We hope that you enjoyed reading our post on some of the most authentic Pakistani food. You can get to try them by either preparing them yourself or ordering them through home-cooked food business or cloud kitchens as they are called.


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy them today. 

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