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Best Homemade Pizza Recipe| How To Make Pizza At Home

Best Homemade Pizza Recipe| How To Make Pizza At Home
Published 2 years ago

Today we're making this easy five minute No Yeast Pizza I'm going to show you all two versions first a quick stovetop pizza (No oven pizza). 

Which would make a fast delicious lunch or at dinner in a more traditional version as both are incredibly easy.

The dough is made using only two ingredients and they're delicious for this two-ingredient pizza dough you'll need some self-rising flour.

Which we would talk about later in a moment and add some tips and other options or any plain yoghurt of your choice.

It doesn't mean to have to be Greek yoghurt or it doesn't have to be full fat less fat zero fat any plain yoghurt would work. 

You would need going to combine these two ingredients within a bowl using a spoon or a spatula and then eventually we have to bring this dough together on your board.

Nextly, let's talk about the flour if you're unable to find self-rising flour you have a couple of options you can either make it yourself using baking powder or baking soda.

If you don't have any leavening agents at all you to use plain flour the texture would be different and the dough won't rise obviously.

But the piece of the base will still be soft and delicious.

Now you're going to know this dough for a couple of minutes.

It's so easy to work with if it gets a little bit sticky just flour your hands and board.

Nextly we are going to form sort of a log shape because I'm going to divide this into two different pizzas a stovetop pizza and an oven pizza.

Both are quick to make and incredibly delicious. 

Now as you're rolling the dough make sure the board is well floured and you just want to keep the dough moving so it doesn't stick well your pizza so I'd say about one quarter.

Of an inch thickness, your can use your pan to take measurements and adjust the size of the pizza to fit your pan.

Just trim the edges by using a pizza cutter this doesn't have to be perfect it just has to fit your pit, as we're going to move over to the stove which allowed the pan for getting hot.

The trick of getting a nice crust is to add one tablespoon of oil to your pan and as we discussed the pan would get hot this may not take any longer than two minutes on a medium flame.

Nextly transfer your first pizza onto the pan be careful. 

Be careful to use oiled hands just to make sure the pizza doesn't get stuck on the figures and we're going to cook this for about two minutes.

Generally, you would notice that the crust will start to form air pockets just like regular yeast pizza dough. 

The amazing job now you'll know it's ready to flip when the bottom becomes a nice golden colour.

Now do assemble the pan pizza upside-down because if you see the crust around the edges has become nice and crispy and golden and that's going to be the crust of the pizza put your flame on low and at this point add the toppings.

If you want the recipe for this tomato sauce just subscribe us, regarding the cheese I've said this before like you must use dry mozzarella that's meant for pizza.

But you can choose whatever cheese you prefer I will say this that would just make sure you shred it or cut it into small pieces that way it melts quickly in the pan.

An unmelted cheese on pizza is the worst scenario add the rest of your toppings and you're going to cover this and this needs to be cooked for another 2 to 3 minutes.

We want the cheese to fully melt and the bottom to become golden transfer this onto your cutting board and hence you've just made one of the easiest pizzas

This makes for a really quick lunch or dinner and it's delicious.

Italians are uptight and fussy

When it comes to food  allowed to say that is because we and our team does not let the American accent fool you.

We could expect this is one of the best pizzas we had in my life.

So moving on we are going to show you the best way to prepare and enjoy the pizza dough, if you have an oven obviously and the reason I say best is because cheese caramelizes in the oven adding more flavour and more deliciousness to your pizza I've preheated my oven to 250 degrees Celsius or 500 Fahrenheit with my pizza pan inside.

Even you can also use a basic you know cookie sheets roll out to be your second pizza dough and roll it onto the rolling pin.

Kind of like making a pie and transferring it into your hot pan to get it in the pan and be careful because this will be hot so don't do it with naked fingers.

At this point, we are not susceptible to heat anymore and you're going to take this and put it on your stove as this is optional.

But you might take this out for two minutes of your time and is a step so crucial because it allows the bottom to crisp up to become golden.

Your burner should be on, medium keeps an eye on it like I said this will take around two minutes of your time but it adds so much flavour.

Do also like to oil the sides of the crust this again allows the crust to develop colour and become more flavorful.

Okay so at this point once the bottom develops colour you have two options you can either assemble the pizza right now consecutively and then just toss it into the oven or bake the pizza just for three minutes and the preheated oven.

Before adding your toppings personally would like to do this because it allows the top crust to start to brown and prevents the pizza from becoming soggy because of the toppings which permit it to crisp up adequately.

Add the tomato sauce the shredded mozzarella cheese and your favourite toppings now.

In this go-to pizza recipe, you won't be able to tell the difference between this dough and regular yeast but the only difference is that this dough is much easier can directly put the same on the table and you within 20 minutes from start to finish.

It makes a great last-minute easy dinner and can't say enough how delicious this pizza is baked on your top rack for about five minutes depending on how caramelized you like your cheese and crisps this looks amazing.

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