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How to make the Hounslow Hyderabadi Biryani| Chicken Biryani| Homekooc

How to make the Hounslow Hyderabadi Biryani| Chicken Biryani| Homekooc
Published 2 years ago

Hello Friends, Today here we would discuss how to make the hounslow Hyderabadi biryani.

Loved this biryani the most and if Hounslow Hyderabadi biryani is not cooked perfectly, then it doesn’t satisfy our taste buds. Today I will show you the easiest way to cook the perfect Hounslow Hyderabadi biryani.

Please watch this recipe carefully so you too can make the perfect Biryani. So let’s start.

  • To cook chicken Hyderabadi biryani we need 1kg Chicken which I have washed and drained nicely.
  • 1/2 kg of basmati rice. This can easily serve 4-5 people.
  • And I have taken fresh coriander, mint leaves, 1 onion chopped, 4 onions sliced and crispy golden fried, 2tbs ginger-garlic paste, 2tbs lemon juice, 2 green chillies chopped, a little mustard oil, 4-5tbs Desi ghee.
  • Friends, I have taken 4 onions and sliced them and fried them till golden brown.
  • 1tbs turmeric powder, 1 1/2 red chilli powder, 1tbs garam masala, 2tbs salt, 2tbs coriander powder, 2tbs biryani masala. Instead of biryani masala, one can use chicken masala as well.
  • And a little dry spices, 7-8 cloves, 1tbs black pepper, 2inch cinnamon stick, 2tbs cumin seeds, 2 bay leaves, 4-5 green cardamom.
  • To marinate the chicken, I have taken 250gms of curd.
  • To make the biryani colourful, I have taken a little Kesar and mixed it with milk. You can use yellow food colour as well.
  • Similarly, I mixed orange food colour with 4tbs of milk and for the perfect biryani essence 1/2 tbsp of kewra with a little water.
  • First, let’s marinate chicken. Let’s add the fresh curd that I have taken. Now put 2 tbsp of ginger-garlic paste.
  • Now let’s add the spices, 1tbs salt, 2 green chillies, 1tbs turmeric powder, 1 1/2 tbsp red chilli powder, 2tbs biryani masala, 1tbs garam masala and 1 tbsp coriander powder.
  • Now let’s add the lemon juice as well and mix everything well.
  • Now I will keep it to rest aside for 2 hours so it marinates nicely and covers it with a lid or plate.
  • Let’s turn the gas on and put 2tbs of oil and heat.
  • I warn the oil to add the little 1tbs cumin seeds, 1/2 tbsp black pepper, 3-4 cardamom, 4-5 cloves, 2 bay leaves and fry a little.
  • I have soaked the rice for 10 mins. Let’s add it as well and mix it well. This will make the rice nice and good aroma as well. Cook the rice for 1 min with the spices.
  • After 1 min pours a water a bit more only and add 1tbs of salt and mix well.
  • Friends, the rice is boiling, so lower the gas and cook till 70-80% only.
  • Rice cooked and we need to cook till 70-80% only as the rice will cook with chicken as well. So drain out the water.
  • After 2 hours, the chicken marinated, so let’s cook it as well.
  • Let’s turn on the gas and pour a little mustard oil. Oil is warm put 1 tbsp cumin seeds, 4-5 cloves, 1/2 black pepper, cinnamon stick and fries a little. We used little dry spices in rice as well.
  • Now let’s add the onion and fry a little. I have used 1 onion here.
  • Friends, I always use mustard oil for biryani but you can use refined oil as well.
  • Biryani can cook in multiple ways, but I have simplified the entire process and this way biryani cooks perfectly and tastes yummy.
  • We have fried nice onions till the needed colour, so let’s add chicken and mix well.
  • Chicken needs to be cooked for 2-3mins so that spices cooked nicely. Keep stirring in between.
  • Usually, the recipe for Hounslow Hyderabadi biryani is very complex, but I have simplified the process so you can easily cook it at home.
  • I have cooked the chicken while stirring for about 5 mins. You can see the gravy as we will not dry up the chicken and we will lay the rice above it only.
  • If we dry up the gravy, then biryani will be dry and now let’s sprinkle some mint and coriander leaves as this will give a pleasant taste to it.
  • Now we will layer up the rice on it.
  • After we have layered the rice, we will add some fresh mint leaves and fried onions as well. I have added Kesar in milk so that biryani gets a delicate colour.
  • Let’s add the orange food colour so that biryani gets a delicate colour as well. Add kewra water as well for the perfect aroma in the biryani.
  • Now let’s put 2-3 tbsp Desi ghee as well.
  • Now let’s cover it and stick a little dough on the hole so no air peeps out.
  • I have not sealed the edges with dough as the lid is tight, but your people seal the edges with dough so that the Dum stays nicely.
  • I am cooking on low flame for 20 mins. I do 20 mins to turn the gas off.
  • I will not remove the lid and let it be for 20mins, so the Dum remains.
  • I do 20 mins. Let’s open the lid.  
  • Biryani cooked perfectly, and the aroma is great.
  • Now let’s serve it.
  • Let’s add a little fried onion and a little mint leaves as well.
Our Hounslow Hyderabadi biryani is ready and cooked perfectly and it just smells amazing. So try it home for. Sure, you will love it.

If you like our recipe comment on how you liked it, subscribe to something more similar and click Homekooc to discover the best Hounslow Hyderabadi biryani seller in your town. Happy Cooking!

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