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Jamaican Chicken Wings - How To Make Chicken Wings

Jamaican Chicken Wings - How To Make Chicken Wings
Published 2 years ago

World cricket history has it that the bowlers from West Indies have terrorized batsmen across the globe.

Well, we here with a new series called Taste Match to normalize all of that especially in today's episode with a stunning recipe called 'Jamaican Spice Chicken Wings'

Let's begin.

Well, we have shown you several recipes using Chicken wings.

Of course, Chicken wings by itself is a recipe,

We have also shown you to make Lollipops of many kinds.

Now, by now, we are sure you know that it all comes from the same part of the chicken which is the wing and the winglet.

Now, the winglet can be trimmed off, but we know a lot of people love biting onto it and chomping onto that part of the chicken

But that again is a completely personal choice.

Retain it, trim it off, leave it to you.

In this recipe if possible do not kind of tweak the ingredients.

Because we understand, you sometimes love adding a little less of this and a little more of that and things like that.

But this is tried and tested over many years of experience.

So, in our personal opinion, stick to the recipe and just follow it the way we are showcasing.

Well, talking about tried and tested, let's

dive in straight to the marination mix which for sure, it's going, to begin with, Red Onions roughly cut.

To this, we are going to add in some spring greens.

Now, for this recipe traditionally Habanero is used but of course, in India, you can use these spicy chillies.

Make it wonderful and spicy.

Lots of Black Pepper.

Cloves of Garlic.

The next thing that goes in is some Dark Soya Sauce.

Brown Sugar.

Fresh Lemon Juice.

For a recipe like this, we like using soft Brown Sugar or Muscovado.

Let's add in Allspice powder.

Cinnamon powder.

Untoasted cumin seeds.

When roasted and unroasted cumin seeds give a very different layer of flavour, so this recipe is untoasted Cumin seeds.

Now to this, I'm adding in some herbs, now these are dried herbs

You can use a combination of Thyme and Oregano in dried form as well as fresh.

If you want this recipe to be slightly more accentuated

You can use a combination of dried and fresh, both, and that also turns out wonderfully well.

To this, we are adding in a little piece of Nutmeg.

Now, this also brings in that element of sweetness and earthiness in this recipe.

Do not use Nutmeg powder which is freely available in the market as well because that way the flavour is not very pronounced It kind of evaporates and

you don't want that to happen.

Now, let's add in some Oil. Now, this is regular Vegetable oil.

I'm just adding this so that making a paste or running this into a paste becomes slightly easier, of course, by all means, you can add in Oil later also while marinating or rubbing the marinade onto the chicken.

Let's add in some Salt.

Keeping the number of Chicken wings in mind, please remember.

Let's cover this with a cap and grind this into a smooth paste.

Well, intermittently, you are also going to scrape the sides

Ensure that all of these grinds beautifully well.

Keep pushing this right into the centre.

Grind this again.

Let's have a quick check.

This has to be extremely smooth, and that's where the magic of the spice mix will start unveiling its charm.

Let's add this in.

Scrape this till its last bit because this is where the entire taste and flavour lies.

Let's mix and bring all of this together.

Well, as marination this possibly could be a little lesser on the appetizing side in terms of its colour but trust me when this starts getting those brown bits

After grilling or cooking in an oven or pan-frying, trust me It's going to be very different.

It's going to be very tasty.

Let's mix all of this.

Our chicken is mixed and ready.

And now here comes the fun part.

You can cook this recipe in three different ways.

Once you can use an oven and cook this

at 200 degrees Celsius for around 40 mins.

You don't need to brush, you don't need to do anything in that and that way it also turns, nice and crisp and brown on the outside.

And nicely juicy succulent within.

The second step is cooking this straight in a kadhai or a pan

Now, you do not need to add in oil because the oil or fat from the chicken is also going to release and that's going to become the fat that will eventually start basting the chicken.

And the 3rd method is using an air fryer,

I understand a lot of you have got fancy about using an air fryer but trust me, that also works magic.

I'm going to use the technique of Pan-frying.

Very carefully, let's place these chicken wings at the bottom of the pan.

We need to cook the chicken wings on high flame, to begin with at least till the outsides get wonderfully seared and also if you see there is some marination which is left, right here which is going to be used later.

Once the chicken is almost half done.

We are going to slide in this wonderful marination so that it gets nice and juicy even on the outside.

Well, time and again, going to keep flipping these because we don't want them to get extremely charred.

Of course, that incredible browning on the outside is imperative for a recipe like this and if you notice I'm using a fork or something like this because it's just easy.

Just poke it, prick it, lift it and give it a flip, simple.

The chicken has beautifully caramelized on the outside

Time to add in the remaining marination.

Let's swirl this around and give this a few gentle flips.

Our chicken wings are beautifully cooked and ready.

They are wonderfully sticky and brown on the outside.

Wonderfully and beautifully caramelized that's thanks to the soya sauce, the onions, brown sugar and the brown spices that we've used.

On that note, let's pick these individually, and start playing them on a large platter.

And finally a generous sprinkling of some spring greens and with this recipe

Hope you genuinely get the taste of West Indies in your living room.

On that note, do not forget to like, share and subscribe to 'Get Curried' and for more such quick, simple and stunning recipes, stay tuned.

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