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Recipe for Jerk Chicken| Jerk Chicken with Coconut rice| Jerk Chicken with Rice

Recipe for Jerk Chicken| Jerk Chicken with Coconut rice| Jerk Chicken with Rice
Published 2 years ago

 Hi guys, thank you for joining us again, we are so excited to finally share with you the recipe 

Also going to serve it - because, as we always prefer to do - with some coconut rice with peas, which we will later share with you.

So, this is our take on the chicken and would show you the price later.

  • First, you will need some chicken, I prefer drumsticks, to me, bone-in skin-on drumsticks is what

I like to go for.

  • Now for spices, for the marinade, I’ve got ground allspice, ground cinnamon, dried thyme, nutmeg, brown sugar, salt, black pepper, then I’ve got some fresh onion, fresh garlic, is a habanero pepper, soy sauce - grated ginger - a little light olive oil, or vegetable oil, and some lime, fresh lime juice.

Now, we too know there are a million different recipe for jerk chicken so keep in mind this is just our version and as we know that traditionally it’s made on a big grill, but we can’t get those same charred flavours, so roasting it, I get that same deep caramelised flavour but without grilling it.

But you can grill it if you want to, but you just have to keep an eye out that you’re not burning it.

Okay, let’s work on the marinade.

  • Next would like to show how I like to chop up my habanero because I don’t like to touch it if I don’t have to, at least not while I’m cutting it, so what I do, is I’m going to take it like so and use tongs, sort of like as a hand, and I just cut around the side like.

If a few seeds go in there, that’s fine, but as we don’t want all the seeds to go in there, so just take a sort of small knife and cut around it.

Usually, you should never try to touch it because you know habaneros are very spicy and even if you touch it and then touch your eye or something, it can be really brutal so, see!

  • Until pretty much of all the spices, as garlic goes in, my onion, this is just a yellow onion, that goes in, you could even use scallions if you want to but preferred as the regular onion.

I’ve got my soy, it is such a combination of stuff, isn’t it?

Of flavours, but to promise they just work together so well and give you such a nice spicy chicken. But it’s not like so spicy, even though there’s a habanero in there, it’s weird.

How it works - 

Usually when it’s roasting in the oven.

  • You need about two tablespoons of light olive oil or vegetable oil.

Then, as you know about the spices, get them all in there. And this is going to make your house smell so fantastic.

  • Add about three tablespoons of fresh lime juice, take about one small lime, it does the trick for me.

Get that all in there.

Need to invest in one of these things. I know I use it backwards, but I just feel like it works so much better, don’t know why but it does, so just trust us on this.

  • Squeeze it all in here, and then all m going to do this is to puree this and just so you know - come on, get on here - there we go.

Going to puree this and also going to place my chicken into a plastic resealable bag because we are going to pour the marinade right on top so I’m going to do that and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s there.

That looks fantastic!

You can see it’s mostly, you know, pureed, but if a few chunks are in there, it’s fine.

Try to get it all out, sort of to manoeuvre the bag so that it’s all going in there.

  • Also try using different portions of chicken if you want to use thighs, bone-in skin-on and breast, bone-in skin-on, you can do whatever you want, It just loves the drumsticks, so that’s what I use.

Squeezing it all out, and then just need to give it a superb massage.

Now, this is best if done overnight before and let it marinate all night, all day or whatever.

  • Going to leave for probably about 4 hours and then eventually going to cook it because the longer it sits the better, the more of that flavour of the marinade permeates through the chicken, so just going to let this hang out in the fridge for about 4 hours and then going to roast it, show you what it looks like once the marinating part has been done

Then we’ll get going on the rice too, which is just an amazing accompaniment to the spicy chicken. It’s sweet and sticky, it’s fabulous!

Alright, as the chicken has been in the fridge for several hours, we have got the oven pre-heated to 400 F, what is need a roasting pan.

  • Next, all we need to do is just get chicken and the marinade out. Just like that, get a pair of clean tongs, and you just move things around like so.

And this is a kind of like, you know, if a little of the sauce scorches around the edges and stuff, it’s fine because you can just clean it right off.

Also, just make sure that every piece is just well coated and of course, you want to do skin side up for this so that the skin gets nice and crispy, but you must like to move it around and just dip it in the sauce?

Excellent, this just needs about 45 minutes at 400 degrees and if you move the rack to the top of the oven so that it gets very nice and scorched. 

  • Next, let’s move to the sticky coconut rice.

Alright, for the rice, you’ll need some long-grain white rice, with some pigeon peas. They come in a can if you can’t find these, red kidney beans work just as well, you need. Water and some full-fat coconut milk and a pinch of salt.

That is it!

Everything goes into a pan at one time which is so lovely, now my chicken needs 45 minutes and this needs only about 25, but the longer it sits the more sticky it gets, which some love so, if you like fluffy rice, I would wait until your closer.

The rice takes about 25 minutes to cook fully, so usually what we do, is to bring this mixture to a boil, let it simmer on medium-low, covered for about twenty minutes, then I turn the heat off and I just let it sit for another twenty minutes and it gets perfectly sticky, the rice still has a little of texture to it comes.

Every time you see the coconut milk is sort of splitting on top, do not panic because once this starts cooking and you keep stirring it, it somehow just combines with the rice and it just comes out perfect every time.

Bring it up to a boil on medium heat, bring. The heat down to medium-low, put a lid on, twenty minutes, then you reverse it, and you let it sit there until the chicken is fully cooked.

My chicken was in the oven for 45 minutes. You can see it’s got lovely darn and golden brown if you want to if you feel like it’s not getting crispy enough for you.

After 45 minutes, you can always pop it under the broiler for a few minutes and it will crisp it up right away, to me, it doesn’t make a difference, because as you can see oven gets nice and dark, but it’s up to you. 

The rice is also ready, now like I said, this is a very sort of sticky, it’s not fluffy rice, so this is how we like it. 

This is so good, this rice is so good and you have not only to make it for this recipe, would just love it really with anything, it’s superb and it would go well with jerk shrimp tacos, it would go well with that with the mango salsa, it would be delicious. 

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