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Steps to make Matka chicken | Matka Chicken Recipe | Homekooc

Steps to make Matka chicken | Matka Chicken Recipe | Homekooc
Published 2 years ago


Welcome! To Homekooc and let's make one-pot chicken!

One-pot or Matka chicken 

The recipe is very simple. Prepare everything, mix it, put it into the pot, and let it cook. Oven, cinders or a gas stove, you can use anything you want 

The moral of the story is that this recipe is super interesting 

Sometimes I feel that life is so unfair. 

Why can't we have roast chicken if we don't have an oven? 

Let's get rid of this injustice 

We're going to make roast chicken without an oven. 

We were supposed to make roast chicken today 

This is so huge, we cannot make a roasted elephant out of this. 

We'll have to make something else. 

Let's start from the beginning! 

Hence we have decided to share the Matka chicken recipe with you. 

Don't be at a loss, make something that tastes amazing  

Everyone came to know how we reached here. That was the most important part. 

     We'll be needing 3 to 4 onions for this gigantic chicken. Slice the onions, do this before doing anything else. 

Remember him? You met sometime back. 

Wanted to be roast chicken! 

And now wants to be matka chicken. Look at him! He's the traitorous chicken! The shapeshifter! 

     First, chop the chicken into pieces. If the material is huge, we'll cut it into curry-cut pieces. 

3 breast pieces and two leg pieces. Cut the chicken into 10 pieces 

Because food that is cooked inside a pot takes a longer period to cook, that's why the chicken shouldn't be boneless

And the chunks should be bigger so that they can be cooked for a longer period, get cooked from within and give out more flavour. 

     Add some salt and leave it aside for some time. 

     Immediately add the onions into the oil 

Steam gushes out of the oil as you add onions into the oil 

Don't put your hand on top of it or else your hand will get scaled. 

So while adding onions, stay away from the flame. 

If the oil starts splashing out after adding the onions Then leave the ladle on top of it. This will prevent the oil from splashing out and settling down. 

     Make sure that the onions aren't dark brown. Fry them till their light brown. 

It'll keep cooking in its heat and as time passes it'll get dark brown due to its residual heat. 

     For preparing the marination add curd, half a teaspoon of shahi jeera 

After shahi jeera, add degi red chilli powder, a lot of coriander powder add some turmeric. While adding whole spices, it is mandatory to add cardamom, bay leaf and cloves. 

  1. You can add other spices as well. 
  2. Here goes cardamom 
  3. Two small and one big 
  4. 4 to 5 cloves 
  5. Black peppercorns 
  6. And bay leaf. 

     Stop cooking the onions once they turn a buttery shade of brown. They'll turn dark brown in some time. 

Add mint leaves, Coriander leaves 

     Don't waste coriander stalks, they're the monopoly of the dish. 

Ginger garlic paste, Salt, Everything is ready! 

     Don't add too much salt as we've already added some salt to our chicken. 

The colour has changed from light brown to dark brown. 

This is an important part. Add the oil which was used for frying the onions and not using clarified butter in this.

      Add chicken into the prepared marination. This chicken was supposed to be roast chicken but instead, it is Matka chicken. 

 This will turn out to be tasty. 

     Add black cumin seeds but if you don't have them, you can add regular cumin seeds as well. 

But chicken tastes better with black cumin seeds. 

You can cook this in many ways 

     First, you can add it into a clay pot, place it on top of coals Or cook it on a slow flame and let it cook while you stir it occasionally. 

     Second, you can add it to a clay pot, cook it in its juices or on a low flame. 

You can make it anyway. 

     It should cook for at least half an hour to 45 minutes in a steady manner.  Evidence that was found inside of a cave in Israel suggests man started using fire about 3 to 4 lakh years ago. 

When man learned how to use fire, evidence suggests that he placed a stone on top of the fire to cook food. 

Later, he was faced with a challenge to heat liquids. 

To tackle this, a hot stone was dropped into the water and this was the first time water was heated using the hot stone method. 

But it was difficult to store the hot and clean water, that's when clay utensils were invented. 

The first clay pot was invented in 29000 B.C. which is about thirty-one thousand years old. 

These clay pots were used for cooking, for storing things that's how these clay pots were placed on top of fire and 

About 6 to 7 thousand years later, chinaware or porcelain utensils came into being. So for about 20 thousand years, mankind used only clay pots. 

Copper was found in 9000 B.C. and that's when copper utensils came into being. 

We'll talk about copper some other time. 

Ready to get cooked! 

This is desi chicken cooked inside a desi cooker. 

That's what it is called in Punjabi. 

     Seal the pot properly with dough and keep the excess dough aside. Place some coals on top of the pot. 

Using this ring to place the coals on top of the pot makes it easier. 

Apply some dough at the bottom of the ring to make sure that it sticks to the lid. 

That's how you make it work! 

It usually cooks from top to bottom. 

You can do this as well. 

The most important thing here is that the steam should not get cooled down as it goes from the bottom to the top. Or else the heat convection will not get completed. And it, it doesn't get completed the chicken, will not get steamed. 

That is why it is important to heat the chicken from the bottom as well as the top. 

The chef keeps saying this over and over again because people need to understand the significance of cooking the meat on low heat. 

Putting a lot of coal on top of the lid doesn't improve the cooking process. 

Because that ensures that the heat flows from bottom to top, so it isn't going the other way around. 

Since the lid is getting heated, steam will get created into the pot and the heat will move upwards. 

Good, feel you've understood the concept of heat and steam. 

It is cooked so well! The meat is falling off the bone! 

Let the cooked wheat fall into the chicken curry. It'll taste like meat. 

You'll like the cooked wheat more than the meat.

In the end, add mint leaves, coriander leaves, keep the lid on and add julienned ginger. 

     Don't spread clarified butter on your chapatti as we've already added enough clarified butter into the chicken curry. 

The onion oil that we added before. 

Our chef usually prepares it without adding any clarified butter. Can you even imagine it? 

Add julienned ginger, mint and coriander 

You can add some salt and stir it for a while as well. 

If there's too much oil, you can stir the pot like this. Garnish it with coriander 

Look how pretty it looks! 

Aren't you tempted to make this? 

We share you to share this so that others can cook it as well. 

Please do share. Thank you! 

We were supposed to make roast chicken but instead, we made Matka chicken.

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